Breath of Bliss


Breath of Bliss

Have you ever thought of..
Starting a practice that could help you reduce stress and tension, improve mental clarity, encourage creativity and overall well-being?

Discovering how to be even more connected to your emotions, enhance energy levels and invite greater love, passion and aliveness into your life?

A breathwork practice like Breath of Bliss could allow you to experience all of this and perhaps even more.

What is Breath of Bliss?
Breath of Bliss is a breathwork journey that fuels you with emotion, energy and presence. By using a combination of sound, movement, sharing and touch, we invite an opening of our hearts and connection to our emotions before laying down for an hour of breathwork using circular connected breathing, which is accompanied by vocal guidance, music and healing touch.

The breath invites discovery and connection
With circular connected breathing, we become more present to noticing the emotions and sensations in our bodies. This breath can stimulate relaxation, stress relief, calm the mind, the nervous system and also encourage us to authentically feel our emotions and express them. For example, some people experience healing tears, laughter or emotions such as anger, sadness, joy or ecstasy. Some have profound insights, see visions, encounter spiritual or divine energies or receive clarity around decisions and limiting beliefs. Everyone’s experience is unique.

A space of safety, support and compassion
In Breath of Bliss, we recognise that no one needs to be ‘fixed’ or ‘healed’; we are whole. Throughout the journey, we are led to becoming more in touch with discovering and expressing our feelings, communicating from our hearts and experiencing life more consciously. Afterwards, it is not unusual to leave feeling blissful, at peace, filled with gratitude or with a heightened sensitivity and clarity to your awareness.

Sat Jul 2, 2016
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM MYT
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